Our leading indicators enable a continuous safety improvement journey.

Are you reactive or proactive when it comes to safety?

The traditional approach to safety uses lag indicators to measure what went wrong, not what went right. Leading indicators focus on the future, enhancing your ability to make proactive change.

Every organisation wants to improve their safety result, but most use the wrong cues and information to bring about real and lasting change. Focusing on what went wrong in the past limits an organisation’s ability to see the bigger picture. Organisations need to see where they are headed, as well as where they’ve been.

POB’s lead indicators provide organisations with effective, up-to-date tracking and measurement data so that leaders can make early and relevant changes to safety. They also create a positive feedback loop so that leaders can better support their teams through proactive, data-based conversations.

What gets measured gets managed. Our leading indicators raise safety awareness and enhance a team’s safety performance climate.

Curious about our Leading Indicator approach to Safety?

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